April 25, 2007

Color Challenge

I submitted this card for the color challenge over at Two Peas. It called for a red, green and white card -- but no Christmas cards. This was my first color challenge. With the challenge I did for Wednesday Stamper last week, that makes two firsts in one week! Since I've started blogging, I've delved into some new territory --one of the reasons I'm glad I started a blog. Another reason is I've met new people on-line, been exposed to new art through other bloggers, and felt a sense of being part of a community. I've been trying to explain this to DH who keeps asking me, "Why are you doing this? I mean what's the purpose of it?" I imagine if you are reading this, you get it.
With all the tagging going on (no one tagged me, but I'm playing anyway!) I thought I'd share a few things about myself : 1.) I have never participated in a swap. 2.) I have never made an ATC 3. ) I head a card ministry at our church where we make encouragement cards for our members. 4.) I am a frustrated collage artist (for lack of a better word). I love the art form but my mind tells me it has to make sense. 6.) I have restless legs which means it's hard to sit still at night, so I don't watch much TV or read. But when I am creating something my mind is completely engaged and I can sit for hours with no problem. Which is really a good thing.
For this card I used paper by Basic Grey. The female image is by Art by Moonlight. The script and text is by Stampington.


Kelly said...

great card!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is beautiful!

marciad said...

Love the card. Collage can be a challenge, but worth pursuing. I combine scanned images and stamps on some of my collage attempts.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous card! I love the look of collage but have absolutely no talent in that area. You on the other hand...have it nailed!
Not to worry...I haven't been tagged either...but I do have you listed as one of my favorite blogs.