April 22, 2007

Yesterday was a good day. DH was out for the day and I was able to stamp all day long -- with periodic breaks to clean house, of course:)
I worked mostly on some Christmas cards for Stampers Sampler Christmas card call. It was strange pulling out all the Christmas stuff again (forgot how much I bought during the January sales!) The day went sooo fast I couldn't believe it. Never goes that fast at work. Well, by nine o'clock I realized I hadn't made a card for the blog so I got to work and here is the result. Yes, it's using another one of my Big Lots $1 stamps (horse). I had no idea when I bought this stamp what I would use it for, but I cannot pass up a PSX stamp for the life of me. The star stamp is from Art Impressions. Seems like I've been mentioning them a lot lately, and no, there is no affiliation with them other than I have a lot of their stamps. The chipboard tag was another card gone wrong -- so I took off the stamped image I had glued on there and it tore the chipboard. I had to sand it and then I liked that look so I added some distress ink and the dashes around the edges. Just like I planned it:) I've noticed, more than a few times, that some of my favorite creations come as a result of trying to cover up a mistake. That's why I have to be very careful before I give up on something and trash it.


Allison said...

This is a lovely composition...great mixture of stamps and paper!

chelemom said...

Love this card! very pretty!