October 31, 2007

Really? I look like that?

Jacqueline posted an absolutely beautiful wedding card on her blog. I was reading along and admiring her work -- as usual -- when I came upon something I had to read again. What? She said the beautiful young girl in the image reminded her of me !! (Well, actually she said Louise from Krazy Kards, but I'm going to assume that's me). I've never been good at seeing similarities in people, so I'll leave that to you. Go check out Jacqueline's blog and see if you agree.

Oh, by the way, Jacqueline, you made my day!


ScrappyPam said...

I can see it. It's the smile.

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Yes Louise I did mean you - I saw the image and I thought - who does that face remind me of?? Then I just saw something that made the link and knew - LOUISE!