December 22, 2007


For the past couple years my older sister and I have created a calendar together. We pick a theme and then each take turns completing six pages. In the past we've done quotes as our theme and also friends.
This year we made baby sister join in the fun and our theme was family. Here's a couple of the pages I completed. (It's a bit of a challenge when you need to have three of everything!)
For this page I chose to use pictures of our grandfather's and grandmother's families.
This is a picture of my mom, me and my siblings on Easter Sunday. Can you spot me in the picture?This last one was taken a few years ago when my husband, son and I spent Christmas in Kentucky with my husband's parents. It was a great, great time.


Dawn said...

I guess its safe to say your the little girl in the middle!!! These are really great. Love old family photos. What a fun way for you three to do a project together

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

What great photos! Wonderful heritage!