December 21, 2007

More RAK's

I have to show you this card I received -- from the Judge I work with. I made him a homemade Christmas card and he returned the favor. He actually drew this picture of a courtroom scene. That's me sitting in the middle of all the drama at my court reporting machine. Love the smirk he put on my face. Believe me, it is very hard not to laugh sometimes.

I love the lace border Sarah uses on this card. The lovely heart cut-outs below are from Sarah as well. I'd love to order a zillion of those with Valentine's Day coming up. They are so delicate.

This gorgeous card is from Jacqueline. Everything she makes is gorgeous.

This one is from Nikki. I especially love the silver embossing on this.


ScrappyPam said...

How great is that card from the judge?? Gotta love it!

Dawn said...

Louise, I guess your a stanografer(sp?) What a cool job. I was always curious about how that all worked. The card is great. He did a really good job drawling it.
love the other cards.

Merry CHRISTmas!!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

OH yes, priceless that drawing from the judge! So you are a fast typer!! That's neat.

Sarah said...

Do you think the judge doodles during boring cases? What a wonderful card from him! How exciting to see my card on your blog!!!! Thanks