March 20, 2008

A Book Review & Household Hint

I rarely buy crafting books. I did when I first started stamping and scrapbooking, but found the ones I bought were ones I never seemed to refer back to. But I was very intrigued with this book by Julia Andrus called Paper Transformed that I spied during my last trip to the book store. After a thorough look-through I felt it would be a good investment and purchased it. I was right. This book is filled with loads of different techniques (some I've tried, but a lot I haven't.) to transform your paper. It's a great basic how-to book when it comes to using chalks, watercolors, alcohol inks, perfect pearls. beeswax, batik, bleaching, and on and on.
I've already created a few alcohol ink backgrounds I learned from this book, one of which is included at the end of this post and one I used yesterday for my Wednesday Stamper piece.

To create the background for this ATC and the one shown in yesterday's post the book suggests applying drops of alcohol inks randomly onto glossy cardstock. Then apply your alcohol blending solution and watch these cool circles develop.
Now for the household hint: Picture yourself playing with your alcohol inks and all of a sudden you drop the bottle of plum alcohol ink on your carpet? What to do?
Well, when it happened to me yesterday I stared in horror at this huge plum streak across my beige carpet. I racked my brain trying to think what would remove this stain. And then an idea came to me -- well, if you use the alcohol blending solution to lighten the alcohol inks, why not try it on the carpet! I proceeded to squeeze a very generous amount of the blending solution to the carpeting and then blotted it up. Voila! Stain removed!


ScrappyPam said...

I LOVE this book! I got it last fall and have been enjoying it ever since. It has the best creativeness inside.

Glad you got the stain out of your carpet - good thinking!!

alice k. said...

Ooh, so cool! Thanks for the review, I think I might "have to" get it, topo - your background looks awesome!

Anneke said...

very beautiful and the background is amazing

Tania said...

Great work! And good idea about your carpet!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Love the background rings and the gorgeous colours - glad you got the stain out of the carpet!

Dawn said...

love the tip (just incase) I think I may have to look into this book. Great creation, as always.

Heather said...

I have been thinking about buying that book since I thumbed through it at the bookstore.

Great job getting the ink stain out of your carpet!