June 28, 2008

Quick & Easy Cards

When making cards Cards for Heroes I break my rule of never making the same card twice. I can't sweat for two hours over one card when I want to get so many made for this wonderful organization. I've found by following a few basic guidelines, I've been able to produce a good number of cards quickly -- and economically. Instead of making 20 one-of-a-kind cards, I'll design a card and make 30 of them (or whatever my supplies allow).
Since CFH has a call for Thinking of You and Love cards the month of July, I've made a card for that theme. This card is one that can be altered in a number of ways depending on what supplies you have to work with. It also works well for an individual making it or at a CFH party by a number of cardmakers done as an assembly line process.

This is the finished card. It's an easy design which is important. It also uses easy stamping skills which I found is helpful when a lot of people are involved.
Although I envision this as a card to be sent to women, I chose colors I thought might appeal to men who would be choosing a card to send.

Here are the basic supplies I used. You can substitute whatever stamps you have -- a different heart stamp, a different flower stamp, etc.
A few things to keep in mind when choosing your supplies:
1. Stamps and ink are something you want to make the most of. Especially background stamps. They can be used over and over thereby keeping the cost down significantly. You not only reduce the cost of embellishments but save on the weight of your card too which is a consideration when sending things overseas. You don't want the embellishments to interfere with postage rates or cards getting delivered promptly.
2. Don't skimp on quality cardstock and quality adhesive. This is where I will spend the money. I find by using these two things my cards will have a quality look to them. A lot of fancy elements falling off a lightweight card will always look shabby.

Although I like StampinUp's cardstock the best, I'll also use Georgia-Pacific 100 lb. cardstock from Wal-Mart (150 per pack.) for my white cardstock.

3. Many of the cards I make for CFH are based around paper I find at reduced/discounted prices. Check clearance aisles and discount stores for card basics. I often find name brand paper at bargain prices. (The above card was based around a the green stationery set I found on clearance at Target.
To start this card which measures 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 I cut a piece of light green paper just slightly smaller than that. I am using an Anna Griffin background stamp in grey ink. When I am done I chalk the edges.

Next I'll cut some strips of parchment paper. I like parchment paper as it is very lightweight and I found it very reasonably priced when I bought it in bulk. You can substitute ivory cardstock.

I've cut strips approximately 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 and then tore the bottom edge. I stamped my text (Hero Arts) onto each one with brown ink and again chalked all the edges except the torn one.

Next I stamped my heart (Studio G) repeatedly onto another sheet of parchment paper. I then cut each heart out. I'll only be using one per card, but remember I'm making these in bulk!

I am now stamping over my text strip with a flower stamp (Prima) in purple ink. I've stamped it twice, making sure to stamp off the side of each piece.

I now attach my text strip to the card and add my heart on top of that.

I then stamp my sentiment (Studio G) in brown ink below that.

The two embellishments I am using here are flat and will add no extra bulk to these cards.

The flower is from Michael's bridal department and is very economical . You can substitute any flower, even stamping one you like and cutting it out to attach to your card. I've used some flat circle embellishments from Heidi Grace as a center for my flower and to act as faux brads at the top of my text panel. These can be easily made by punching out some circles and adding a little bit of glitter to them.

The card is done! Simple and I think elegant.

But wait! As long as you have all those stamps and inks out, why not stamp out a masterboard like the one shown below. (I've added a button stamp to mine as well with a little cranberry ink and changed my flower from green to eggplant).

You'll then have made yourself some gorgeous background paper to use on more cards.

Not sure how to go about that? Well, click here for a tutorial I posted on that and sample cards you can make from your masterboard.


rbnwood said...

Louise - thanks for the detailed instructions on how to make the cards. Both the cards and the masterboard are just lovely!

Viola said...

Really lovely card, Louise! So beautiful!

Jacqueline said...

Wow, another detailed tutorial! I love the fact that you get your main layout all ready and then can mix and match with colours etc. at will. Nice to see all the step by step pictures too. You certainly have got it all together!!

Sarah said...

Enjoyed following your thought process through a card. And your end results are so rewarding.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Lovely card and what a great tutorial! I like how this all comes together... I must admit, using my background stamps is my weakness, I do not use them enough!

Thanks for the motivation!

ScrappyPam said...

Great card! And wonderful planning! (I think the planning part is my downfall.)

Sandy said...

Fantastic, Louise!! Thank you!

nise said...

you're making me dizzy! you're just too wonderful and I can't handle it. GREAT card! like those detailed instructions, too.
then you pull off that "mermaid" arch AND get the thumbs up from your male faction. no wonder your stuff is being "published" elsewhere.

Simone said...

A very good tutoral for a very lovely card. Thank you!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love your masterboards so much! thank you for sharing this technique with us!