March 31, 2009

Thrift Shop Finds

I found this stamp (I scanned an image of it as my camera is not working right now) at a thrift shop for fifty cents. It's made by Just for Fun. It's a large wood mounted stamp, so for that price I grabbed it. I had no idea what I would use it for.
Then I found a book of flowers at the used book store. As you can see the images are stunning. Each square is approximately 3x3. For about 300 images I think I paid one dollar. But how to use these other than just cutting them out and sticking them on a card?

A few weekends ago I attended a stamp show at which Just For Fun was a vendor. They sell these templates that go along with the grid stamp I showed above. I found the perfect solution for my flower images. This template allows you to cut squares out of your image and then place them in the grid stamp for which they are perfectly sized. If you cut out the images with a postage stamp shape, you can easily make faux postage.

This is the Easter card I made using part of the template (four squares) and then cut them out with my postage stamp scissors.
Another great use for this template which they showed quite a bit of at the stamp show was to repurpose old cards. I was amazed at how old cards can be given a completely new look just by tracing the template squares onto your card and then cutting them out.

They are then reassembled onto separate paper on which you've stamped your grid!

This just excited me so much! I just love the way it looks. You can see the result below.


I found another use for the grid stamp as well. I'm not that good as some of my friends at creating grid cards. But I found that this gives me a great area to work with.

These inchie stamps from Inkadinkado are the perfect size to fit inside the grid.
So many possibilities now!


marciad said...

Wonderful art. I think I have a smaller version of the grid stamp. Used for faux postage years ago. Must go find it;)

Sarah said...

You are quite the bargain kind of gal! I really like the look of the grids and wish I had looked at them a little closer at the last show. I'm sure I'll have another chance.

Allison said...

Cool ideas! Love the inchies card!

ScrappyPam said...

What a great find! You've come up with some wonderful ideas!

Jacqueline said...

You know I am green with envy that you found that stamp for 50 cents... I would have grabbed it too, with both hands!! Very happy for you Louise and you made a gorgeous card with it with the Inkadinkado inchie stamps - so inspirational!!

nise said...

You are the bargain shopping queen, Louise! Great finds and an even better use of the stuff. Love your 4 grid flower ~ pretty.

* lisa * said...

Your a creative genius! Each of these are truly unique and beautiful.

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

That's a great idea! I have pictures that were in my late grandmothers camera when it was given to me of flowers! this would be a great way to send the family cards that had a little bit of her in them! Thank you for sharing!

Viola said...

Wonderful inchie card!