December 4, 2009

Public Service Announcement

While I'm waiting for the snow to dry on my tag (Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas), I did a little blog surfing this morning.
I found something on Sherry's blog (met Sherry on the Tim Holtz cruise coincidentally) that was just very ....... well, I don't know the word, but I think she hit the nail on the head as far as everything I need to remember this Christmas. So check out her post here.
You can thank Sherry, not me.
Oh, by the way, Sherry, I've got your Christmas blog music on in the background as I finish my tag. A great selection!


Nancy said...

Thank you for this link, Louise. I think Sheri is on to something. I always have some difficulties at Christmas, all the hoopla just doesn't seem genuine. This quote from the book "The Promise, a celebration of Christ's birth" by Michael Card, has helped to put things in perspective for me: "What if Christmas were no longer a 'holiday', but a holy day, infusing all our days with holiness?" And another quote, "If Christmas does not mean everything in July, then in truth it means nothing in December."
Blessings to you!

Lyneen said...

Thanks for the link... I think there is something getting older with Christmas. I know my enthusiasm has changed. It may have something to do with the memories... or is it the work? I don't put up as big a tree anymore. But we do have a tree. The decorations are minimal, but the spirit is there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this link. I've added it to my own blog! Great to know we aren't alone in our feelings!