July 25, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Went to a Stamin'Up new catalog party yesterday.  Really like that the catalog seems to have a lot of vintage related items this year.  Some great papers, embellishments and stamps.
(My favorite SU demo's site is here. )


Finally got my hands on some of the Tim Holtz Lost and Found Paper.   At Michael's.   With a 40 percent off coupon.  Yeah!!!
The assortment of papers in this one pack is amazing.   I am just in love with the vintage photos.  What I love about his 12x12 paper packs is it comes with not only 12 x 12 sheets but also 6x6 squares, ATC sized squares and twinchie sized as well.  
(He's been showing some amazing CHA previews the last few weeks and this seasonal paper pad which he shows here and is my next "must have."


I haven't been to Lisa's Altered Art site in a while, but on a recent visit aquired these fabulous collage sheets.


Terry said...

Wonderful favorites! 40% off the Lost and Found! Wow! I did not know that Michael's carried that or sure have not seen it at mine! Have a nice Sunday!

Sarah said...

That Lost and Found paper pack is my favorite of all of Tim's papers. I have to force myself to cut it and not just look at it. It's so pretty!

Lynn Stevens said...

I haven't seen the new catalog yet or Tim's papers! They all look great. Guess I need to take a trip to Michaels! With coupon in hand!!!!

Thanks for your recent comment Louise, you made my day!

Cynnie said...

Wow,,you have been very busy....and showing us soooo many intersting items at that. Now I "need" some of that TH paper pack and this SU catalog looks really nice. Thanks for the info!!

BelleSouth said...

oh my goodness, i am drooling! I do have the papers by Tim, but you have fueled my desire for so many other things! There just isn't enough time in the day........

Glad you had fun!

FlipSyde said...

Dude. Lucky. I didn't know that Michael's carried that either. I practically LIVE at Michaels, and I am so cheap that I will make individual purchases for a batch of items Just So I can
a) use the 40% off coupon for the majority of items and
b) get more coupons, duh!
I know it's awful, but after considering how Much you spend on art supplies AND the very high markup Michael's has (Hobby Lobby is waaaay less expensive, but too far from me), it's justifiable. Plus, so is befriending cashiers...

Linda Robinson said...

I am having a SU party in mid august.. She just drop off my cataglog today. and your right it has some awesome items in it. I don't even know what to order... My list is to long.
I have not seen Tim H. paper in our Michales yet. I have been waiting, Maybe I need to take a trip this week. I could only hope..

Hope you are having a nice evening. ~Linda

Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh they all are awesome! I haven't seen the Tim Holtz at my local M's...guess I need to search harder!

Tina Grimes said...

I just ordered the Lost and Found paper from PaperWishes.com. They had a 25% coupon deal posted on FB so I used that. I have to drive an hour to get to Michael's or Hobby Lobby, which I can't always do, so I have to do a lot of online shopping. Wish I could have gotten the 40% off, but hey, 25% is better than nothing, right? Can't wait to see those papers up close!