February 14, 2011

This Week's Sampler for A Tag on a Tag

I was just blown away by the submissions for this past weeks tags.  Check out the slideshow on the left to see some of the amazing tags that were created using the Tag on a Tag challenge.  I think it's the best group of tags we have ever had.  And as far as I know it was also the highest number -- with a total of 48 tags!  I was hoping we'd hit 50, but we didn't.
For those of you who participate in this challenge, I know sometimes it is hard to get to everyone's blog and comment, but I do hope that if you are creating a link and posting a tag that you'll consider it part of the challenge to visit the other participants' blogs and maybe leave a comment.    I know it's time consuming and sometimes I don't get to it right off the bat, but I do my best to visit each link and leave a comment sometime during the week.
(If I don't leave a comment it's probably because I forget to scroll down for that word verification and just figured my comment was posted.)


Terry said...

I did not get to visit this week, but boy oh boy, those are some gorgeous tags on tags! Such a fun challenge!

Evelyn S. said...

I'm glad you reminded us about visiting the other tags.....I've been remiss lately, but I know how much I appreciate reading comments on my own posts! These tags are amazing! When I see some of them, I realize how 'minimal' my work is in many cases. There are some real art pieces in the sampler, Louise!

Sue said...

Wonderful Tags as you say, I too am remiss in visiting but I will make an effort this week.

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, Louise, that is awesome that there were so many people who joined in the fun!!! I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day...I'm still catching up on my mail and wanted to come to say "hi!"

Diann said...

I'm enjoying this super Tag creating group about as much as I've enjoyed anything of late..LOL!
I'm learning, making new friends and doing my best to visit everyone that I can...maybe not all in a day but visiting as I'm so want to be a part of everyone's creations! Thanks for doing this fun ART! Diann