March 28, 2007

Trash to Treasures

The April, 2007 Stampers Sampler included a project I made for their "Finders Keepers" feature which entails creating something from that which you might normally throw away. I altered a box I received my digital prints in. The box was made from a nice sturdy cardboard and had a unique shape. The top came off at an angle (which is kind of hard to tell from the way they photographed it.) The magazine also had requested a short blurb from me noting my inspriation for this project. **Did I feel like a real "artiste" or what?**
Next to the box is a calendar I altered. It's one of those magentic calendars businesses send out the first of the year. It usually has somebody's picture on it that you don't know and certainly don't want to look at for the whole year. Anyway, I altered each page of it. It fits nicely in the box. You could also include a set of gift cards in the box. The Stampington web site is showing some of the pages I altered here: Stampington Up Close and Personal. Funny thing, the calendar was something I did in a hurry, more as an illustration of what could go in the box. If I had known they were going to put it up on the website, I might have taken a little bit more time with it...

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scrappersister said...

I *really* like your altered box and can see why it was published. I enjoyed looking at all of the lovely things you have on your blog.