April 1, 2007


...is the big reveal! I'll have the winner posted early.

I've made this card before, but I just get a kick out of it. I got the sentiment from one of those "think happy thoughts" calendars with butterflies and daisies all over. I like to look for these in bookstores in late January or February when they sell for $1 or so. I will usually buy the ones that have a thought for every day of the year and can always find different ways to incorporate the sentiments into my artwork. This one I generated on the computer and printed onto vellum. But I like the slant "Maude" adds to this card. You can just hear the sarcasm in her voice saying, "Yeah, right."
The stamp is from Art Impressions. I am a big fan of their stamps. I find their images very easy to color, and coloring is not my strong suit. I used watercolor pencils to color "Maude".