July 24, 2007

A Bella Christmas

I'm often amazed as I read bloggers' descriptions of how they go about creating a card. They decide the card they want to make, what supplies they will use, how they will go about it. They pull out all the appropriate supplies and begin to execute their idea. Sounds so smart.
That is not at all how I create. As an example, here's my style as illustrated in today's card.

1. There's a Bella sitting on my worktable which has never been used. (Actually, I just received it in yesterday's post from Dawn who sponsored an event for the World Stamping Weekend over at Two Peas.) Decide I want to stamp my Bella.

2. I spy some very wild fabric/paper sitting on my worktable that I brought home from the stamping event last night. Would like to try something with that as well.

3. Discover my new favorite color, Purely Pomegranate, will pick up the color in this patterned fabric/paper.

4. Remember I need three birthday cards this month, so my present-bearing Bella will be perfect.

5. Decide to circle punch the fabric/paper for a WOW background for my Bella.

6. Stamp and emboss the Bella (three times). I've learned I'll always mess up at least one, so start out by stamping more than one image.

7. Start coloring Bellas. Ruin first two Bellas. Begin (very carefully) on third one. Ruin this one as well.

8. Decide to make the most of this Bella and color over it. Bella now looks more Christmas-like

than birthday-like.

9. Decide to make a Christmas card instead (which is one reason I chose this Bella, she's versatile).

10. Add silver cardstock for holiday feel. Decide to make my circles ornaments by adding silver top.

11. Add "Be Merry" instead of "Happy Birthday."

12. Notice my name tag from yesterday's stamping event has some pretty cool silver photo

corners. Rip those off and add to Bella.

13. Card completed. Am now ahead on my Christmas cards and behind on my birthday cards.


Flossie's Follies said...

Great card,love the paper, and of course Bella.

Rose said...

Very cute card, really love the background paper!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

This card is really adorable! Great colors! :0)


Trish D said...

Well, it turned out great! And your process sounds an awfully lot like mine! :)

Mary O.K. said...

Oh, Louise-- you make me laugh! And I agree 100% with your card-making system. I'm almost always surprised by what I end up with. I've come back to read this post three times, and then dragged my husband to the computer to read it, too. Love and appreciate it all!
Best Wishes,

PS: Hope you don't mind that I linked to your site from my blog. I enjoy it too much not to share!

Silvergirl said...

This post had me laughing! This sounds so much like me. I tend to get distracted, mess something up, or change the design midstream that I've learned to go with the flow. Less planning, more playing!

Thank for sharing your style and fabulous card!