July 7, 2007

Christmas in July - Part II

As promised, part two of the Christmas in July cards inspired by a challenge over at Two Peas. These include stamping but, as I said before, nothing too complicated because I don't like to make the same card twice.

There's so many different color schemes and themes to Christmas cards, I just feel like I have to explore them all. I used to make the same card for everyone, but that just got to be no fun.

On this one I really went out of my usual color scheme and tried a little purple.


Dawn said...

They are both very pretty. I love that image of santa.

Maggie Ann said...

I love that angel one best! Beautiful!! Imagine making Christmas cards right now. Its a great idea...smile. I've signed up at Two Peas but you know, I'm just clueless how digital scrapbooking works. I saw they have Rhonna F. free downloads and I did that and didn't know what to do with them! Thanks for your kind comment about my ATC...I'm very new at making them so am glad you think that one even qualifies as one! smile.

Mary O.K. said...

What an wonderful range of themes for Christmas! I have never been ambitious enough to make all of my Christmas cards, only for a very select few who appreciate them and would be disappointed to not receive one.

However, I find I do purchase several boxes different cards, to try to fit the recipient's taste (you know-- religious for Grandma and Aunt Susie, Santa for the neighbors with kids, pastoral scenes for the sportsmen, etc.) Your system of making limited numbers of various types seems EXACTLY right to me-- especially since each is a beauty. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Best Wishes,
Mary O.K.
("M." on GW)

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. I really need to get started early this year on Christmas cards.

stamp and scrape said...

Ooh - I just had to stop and inspect the ornament card - delightful colours and design. Other ones lovely too.