July 6, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Next week is my 24th wedding anniversary. I made this card using the same stamp from Queens Dresser Drawers that I used a few posts ago.

I stamped it on vellum this time and backed it with some polka dot paper. Gives it a completely different look.The sentiment is from Art Impressions.

I am quite pleased with this card -- except for one not-so-minor mistake. Did you spot it? Before I pointed it out? I know my DH won't, that's why I am leaving my card the way it is.


marciad said...

Nice card. If DH spots the script thingy, just tell him that's how you feel around him: "You make my head spin, dear". Happy Anniversary.

Jane R said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Your card is lovely. I'm a big fan of red and black together. I spotted your little boo-boo and it happens to me all the time. But no else ever seems to notice. We're always our own worse critics!
Love your work and your blog. I'll be a frequent visitor.

Jane R

Anonymous said...

I spotted two - the mutilated corner and the script which looks upside down.

Nise on GW said...

Beautiful card, Louise. I just noticed after years that the wallpaper border in one of the upstairs bedrooms is upside down, so what's a little script problem? Best wishes for many more happy, healthy years together.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary !! 24 years wow, that is wonderfull.

Oh, sorry you have been tagged... see my blog to find out what is next.

great card.

Maggie Ann said...

Its beautiful!!! and Happy Anniversary...belatedly. I didn't notice any boo boo's. Sometimes I put script upside down on purpose so thats no mistake...smile. Adds interest I think.

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Please tell us if DH noticed it!
Another beautiful elegant card - such lovely texture together!!