July 13, 2007


I have been tagged again, just very recently. I know several people have tagged me in the last week or so, but to tell you the truth I can't remember the individuals who did. Let's just call it a menosode (what my best friend and I call those menopausal episodes that seem to be happening more and more frequently wherein we kind of loose our mind).
Anyway, I've been putting it off since it seems I did this not too long ago, but since Blogger will not let me post any pictures this morning anyway, I guess it's time to reveal some of those things about myself that supposedly few people know. Interesting or not, here's what I've come up with.

1. I don't like staying in hotels. (Actually, everyone who knows me knows this about me.) Even fancy ones. Because no matter how much you pay for the room they don't wash the covers every day (only the sheets). This is very disturbing to me.

2. If I am expecting something in the mail I can be very OCD-like walking to the mailbox every two minutes. I know the mail hasn't come yet because I can usually hear the mailman, but I go check anyway.

3. I have restless legs syndrome (might have revealed this before) and I can't sit still very well in the evenings. TV and reading is out. Fortunately, crafting is an alternative.

4. After reading the three postings above, I fear I may sound a little neurotic. So here is something a little more upbeat: Next year I will turn 50, celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary, and my only child will graduate college (it's going to be an expensive one, too).

5. I have had the same employer for going on 30 years. (I work as a court reporter).

6. As long as we are talking statistics, I have been on a diet for 42 years.

7. Last on this list, but most importantly in my life, I am a Bible-believing Christian.

If you are one of those who tagged me, please let me know, so I can include everyone in this post.


Sandy said...

I love reading the 7 things things about everyone! (But I didn't tag you!)

I have a q...you said bf, then said 25th wedding anniv....should I be al confused? lol....

Dawn said...

I did tag you, I love #7 on your list. I knew I liked you!!

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

I can relate to the menopausal episodes!! Love Dawn's comment and just to keep you going back and forth to your postbox - you can expect a package very soon... lol!!
You know I'm teasing you.
Sorry to hear about the plate....

Sharon in NE said...

My goodness girl, where have you been all my blogging life? I am all those except I HAVE to like hotels because I travel and that's life. I always turn down the top spread! I don't have restless leg syndrome, but I do have a problem sitting still unless I am engrossed in a craft project. Worked 25 years for govt, married 25 years, dieted 42 years...sigh...but I've kept it off...I'll eat when I get to heaven. Meet you at the buffet table! ;)