August 13, 2007

Free Stuff -- or close to it!

Well, I think after today's post I may lose a blog reader for good. JK! But here's what Nise posted on my paper purchase from Archivers: "That's it. I'm done stopping by here. This is an INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS card, but it's your shopping abilities that send me over the edge. Now you've gone to Archiver's, which is opening this month about 120 miles from me and I have a $5.00 off coupon and no money." I like her sense of humor. (At least I think she was just kidding:0)

I do have some shopping info to share -- but, Nise, hang in there because I've also got some info on FREE stuff!

Here's what you can get for free:
Inkadinkado is offering a free stamp of your choice from their website for any card you send in using their product that's posted in their gallery. This is not a competition. I'm fairly confident if you send it in, they post it. The stamp above is the one I selected. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, it's just that I love their stamps and have quite a few of them. I'll be posting something with this lovely stamp very shortly.
Stamping D'Amour for whom I am a design team member is offering some cool freebies, too. If you visit their message board, sign up, and start posting, there's a whole range of goodies you can receive depending on how many times you post. I just received my free vintage sticker, but I'm really shooting for the free rubber stamp. The boutique also has just gotten in a bunch of fantastic new collage and vintage style stamps. You're going to want to check those out for sure.

Now, onto my shopping finds -- something I found yesterday at the dollar store. The one that's actually called Dollar Tree.

I am absolutely in love with this!!

It's lace trim that's actually paper and is self-adhesive. Four gorgeous rolls for $1. The neat thing about it is when you peel away the adhesive backing, you still have the film you can use as another piece of lace. It will require a strong adhesive, but it works! Is this not just terrific?

I also found these lovely pearl embellishments at Dollar Tree. I first thought they were edible decorations, you know, for cakes or something, but upon on closer inspection I realized they would be perfect embellishments for cards or altered projects. Can't beat $1 in my opinion.
No time to create today as DS is getting ready to go back to school and finish up his last year of college.
Today he got a job offer which he accepted. Pretty nice set up, isn't it, to know you'll have a job waiting for you when you get out of school?
Anyway, I'll be making some stuff with these goodies later in the week.


marciad said...

Puleeeeze(she pleaded) take me shopping with you. That lace is fantastic. I actually saw a card in Stamper's Sampler, think May/June, that used paper lace and I've been wondering where it is sold. I never find that neat stuff at my dollar store.

ScrappyPam said...

Love that lace! What a neat deal. I have GOT to go shopping. Hmm..I think you're a bad influence on me! :D

Sandy said...

Gotta love a great deal!

dini said...

Just my luck...the nearest Dollar Tree is...well...on the other side of the world. If you happen to go back and they still have some of the paper lace...would you mind to pick me up a package? I can paypal you for the cost and the postage to my MIL's house in FL. LMK -


Nancy Maxwell James said...

love the lace and thanks for sharing the info about submitting cards!

Nise on GW said...

Cut it out! Now I'm going to want to drive home and run to the Dollar Tree and it'll probably be just like my Big Lots - nothing but junk! Yeah, I'm kidding around, but I'm totally serious about your shopping abilities and wishing I was close enough to tag along. Looking forward to seeing how you use your new treasures. And I think I may see about that Inkadinkado submission. Love their stuff especially the old PSX designs.

Michelle said...

Awesome finds! I need to check out the Dollar Tree for some of that's gorgeous!

~Stacy said...

oh my gosh how cool is that? looks like a trip to the dollar tree is in order tomorrow...
Thanks Louise! :)

Silvergirl said...

Great finds!!! I'm MUST shop!

And a belated congratulations on your design team position! I must have missed seeing that before. How exciting and well deserved. It's an aspiration of mine... but I have a lot of learning to do!


Ila said...

I love the pearls and lace. We go on holidays in 3 weeks....maybe to the States for a few days...I'm hoping I can find that paper lace.