October 5, 2007

Wedding Card

My husband is best man at a wedding this weekend. The groom happens to be a fan of my cards and has often asked me to make cards. It was so nice to be able to make this card for him to celebrate this very special occasion in his life.
I was afraid my husband would be put off by the flower and lace, but he was quite happy with it. I think the deep brown in the background paper balanced it out some.


Dawn said...

This card is so beautiful, I love the flower.

Nise on GW said...

You got that man card thing going REAL good, Louise. Think you're right, the colors make all the difference. And isn't it fun when someone, like a non family member man, likes your art?

Trish D said...

Very nice card - and I love the inside sentiment!

Linda M said...

Beautiful card! I love the flower, too.

Also, thanks for participating in the gothic arch challenges. I would like to invite you to do something special for Nancy James, the one who hosts the arch site. Her son Andrew is being deployed to Iraq on October 17th. He is home for the weekend now, and then Nancy and her husband are going to Georgia next week to meet Andrew’s platoon. You can imagine how wrenching this will be for Nancy.

I am inviting you and the other arch participants to do an arch, a 4x4, or an ATC for Nancy. I have set up a blog for it: http://fornancy.wordpress.com/

Just link in the comment section under mine. You can keep doing this for as many weeks as you like.

Let me know if you have any questions:

or http://redplaid3.blogspot.com

Corie said...

This is just gorgeous. I love that DP -- perfect for a wedding card.